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No body wants to go down to their basement or into their living room one day during rainy season to discover that it has been completely flooded, no matter who you are and where you are in the world if theres rain you’ll most likely have been affected by this in one way or another. But there is hope, you just need to find yourself the Best Sump Pumps that money can buy and thats where we come in. On this site you will find only the most reliable pumps, we run through 3 kinds of units from submersible, portable and pedestal.

There are plenty of different choices that nowadays it can get quite overwhelming when it comes to comparing models and choosing which one is right for you. Well we will help you out with this reviewing and listing all of the most important features which will help you make your decision that little bit easier.

Lets have a look at some of the best sump pumps on the internet comparing their important features.

When buying a sump pump there are a few key features that you should be looking out for such as clogging resisability, motor power, motor housing, float & switch design, battery backup and flow rate sounds boring right? Well fortunately we’ve found out this information already and compiled them into a table for you to look over and if you want any more information then just click on the name and you will be taken to the customer review page or the product review page.

Top 5 Sump Pump Reviews

Lets take a look at our Top 5 and see what great features they have:

WAYNE WSS30V Pre-Assembled 120/12V 1/2 HP Primary and Battery Backup Combination System

For those looking for a pump with some real power then you may want to check out the Wayne WSS30v model. This little bad boy packs some serious punch when it comes to pumping away any excess water that you may have. It may be a bit more on the expensive side compared to some of the others on site but its definitely worth the money.

Features Of The Wayne WSS30V Model

  • Great suction, with a durable cast iron 1/2 HP primary pump fitted with a vertical float switch for automation.
  • High flow, corrosion resistant battery back up pump with a reliable reed float switch in place with a battery box and charger.
  • Two heavy duty check valves.
  • Device is pre assembled for quick installation.
  • 1/2 HP, max flow rate of 4200 Gallons per hour

Liberty Pumps 257 1/3-Horse Power 1-1/2-Inch Discharge 250-Series Cast Iron Automatic Submersible Pump with VMF Switch

This mid range pump is a great addition to a household, despite it being a lower price than the Wayne model listed above this device still packs a lot of power and can help you get out of any of those wet situations that may occur at your household. Below we will run through a few of the great features that make the Liberty Pumps 257 stand out amongst some of the others that we’ve got on the list.

Features Of The Liberty 257 Model

  • Pumps up to 3000 Gallons of water per hour.
  • Has a maximum discharge head of 21 feet
  • 1/2-Inch solids handling
  • Uses an efficient motor design that reduces the electrical usage of the device by up to 40%
  • Includes a magnetically operated VMF switch for any smaller pits down to a 10 inch diameter.
  • This model comes with a 3 year warranty.

Zoeller 57-0001 M57 Basement High Capacity Model

This is another great mid range model that we’ve listed in our table, highly affordable by the majority of people this model boasts a high GPH with such a small sump. Ideal for home owners the Zoeller 57-0001 will clear any flood from small to large. Below we will take a look at some of the features that have made this pump stand out amongst the rest:

Features Of The Zoeller 57-0001 Model

  • This model has a corrosion resistant, powder coated epoxy finish.
  • This model has no sheet metal parts so therefore there is no metal to rust or corrode, stainless steel screws, switch arm, guard and handle.
  • Watertight neoprene square ring between motor and pump housing
  • 1-1/2-inch NPT discharge and passes 1/2-inch spherical solids
  • Equipped with a 0.3-horsepower motor

What you should look out for when buying a new Sump Pump?

  • Sump liner: Everyone knows that having an open sump pit is hazardous, unappealing and prone to getting clogged with debris. You need to be looking for a sump which has a durable plastic liner that is fitted with an air tight lid. All finished installations should be almost invisible fitting with your basement floor.
  • Floor drain & water level alarm: Each sump should be airtight and contain a one way basement floor drain, this is in case of any standing water which will need to drain into the sump liner. Having a battery powered sump pump alarm should also be built into the top of the device which will alert you if the water level rises above the top of the pump.
  • Reliable float switch: Ball on wire float switches are pone to jamming or snagging while in use, you should be n the look for a linear action float switch which wont malfunction in this way meaning that the pump will always know when to start and when to stop.
  • Pump stand: Every good pump lies on a specially designed pedestal that prevents small objects from clogging the intake.
  • Check valve: A check valve is always installed in the drain line and this will prevent water from flowing back into the sump pit.
  • Battery backup: We recommend that every system you buy should include a back up battery to keep your pump working even if there is a power outage.

Do you know the parts that make up a sump pump?

To the right you will see a diagram of a sump pump and all of its parts. We’ve provided you this incase you need to research any specific bits about a sump but you don’t know what its called.

  1. Volt Electrical Line
  2. Water Watch Alarm
  3. Cast Iron Sump Pump
  4. Pump Stand
  5. Float
  6. In-Line Check Valve
  7. Sump Liner
  8. Airtight Floor Drain
  9. Airtight Cover
  10. Drain Line To Exterior

Now you will be able to find yourself the best model that suits you with absolute confidence.

After you’ve read our tips on how to choose the best model, and learnt all the bits and pieces that make up one of these models. You’ll be able to browse through some of the devices that have been reviewed on this site and form a decision which is best suited to your needs.