Liberty Pumps 257 Review

Sump pumps have turned out to be essential in inhibiting crawl space and basement water destruction since several federal acts have outlawed constructors in main stream of towns from draining rainwater collected through gutter into sewer schemes. Most often, the recollecting water basins in new building groups fail to absolutely improve flooding concerns.

This has made Liberty Pumps to be famous for their reliable performance in getting rid of water in basements. These pumps are aimed to carefully bear in mind the technical necessities of a pit and as a result leaves zero chance of letdown. They are worth learning more about because they are fast and quiet. This model of liberty pumps is well thought-out as “workhorse” by liberty pumps and is constructed in a distinct piece of cast iron frame. This sump pump needs a sump pit with a diameter of 10 inches and is most appropriate for basement de watering or effluent pumping.

About the Liberty Pumps 257 Sump Pump.

The Pumps 257 has 10 ft. long, fast disconnect power cable with a powder coat finishing into the bargain to the cast iron body, making it strong and long lasting. It uses 15 volts to operate and has a 1/3 HP motor that is thermally protected and oil filled. The sump pump is fitted with a vertical magnetic float that has three switch selections and operates well for smaller pits too. It has features an anti-clogging feature and a vortex impeller that is intended for appropriate handling of semi-solid and solids. With these features, the Liberty Pumps 257 sump pump can take up to ½-inch thick mud granules thanks to the 1-1/2-inches discharge width. To ensure all parts are integrated well to last for long, the screws, handler and rotor shaft are made from stainless steel.

Key features of the Liberty Pumps 257 Sump Pump

  • It can pump a maximum of 50 gpm of water.
  • Its maximum discharge head stands at 21-foot.
  • The float switch can be adjusted for three option and it is automatic.
  • This sump pump come with a 3 year warranty, so you can rely on it for a longer period of time.
  • It easily handles solids and semi-solid of up to 1/2 –inch thickness.

Benefits of using the Liberty Pumps 257 Sump Pump

  • This sump pump is easy to set up and work with because the user manual is well detailed and can be understood by any person.
  • You will get to enjoy the benefits of a motor that is durable, efficient and thermally protected.
  • It is quiet, hence you’ll get a soft and easy operational devoid of any disturbing noise.
  • The Vertical Magnetic Float Design float switch come in three levels, making it easy to operate the pump.


  • The motor oil may leak unexpectedly, hence proper installation must be embraced.
  • In a few case where installation is poor there can be issues of thermal overload that can cause problems.
  • Some customers have complained about the pump being heavy and not easily portable.


All in all the Liberty Pumps 257 Sump Pump is a good mechanical machine that is of great benefits is the installation is done properly. With its great features, the Liberty Pumps 257 Sump Pump is a machine worth investing in.