During rainy season, persons with lower ground floor flooding complications are likely to experience several problems with the likelihood of floods overpowering their homes. If you fall in this category of persons, you should pay attention and know you are not alone. Beyond doubt, a sump pump system set up in the basement may perhaps appear to be a logical answer, but how do you address a situation when power is not available? This is where or when backup sump pump system will be of great help to you. In the event of power outage when you are away from home and the downpour (flood) is menacing your home, the backup pump will be there to offer that crucial safety and guarantee that water will be effectively and easily pumped away, and your home will be left safe and dry.

With this major benefit of a backup sump pump system, it is high time you acquired the classy Wayne WSS30V ½ HP Sump Pump System. Banked on the fact that there are several types of sump pumps that may include engrossed sump pumps, compact sump pumps and stand sump pumps, most people are always left confused on which one to buy. For my free piece of advice, I suggest you should always go for brand and quality that are bound to give you excellent features so as to give your home the crucial safety it warrants.

So below are some of the great features that Wayne WSS30V ½ HP Sump Pump System – the best backup sump pump system – spots that guarantees effective water removal and steady performance.

  • At its very basic, Wayne WSS30V ½ HP Sump Pump System is a combination sump pump system that blends a top suction, strong, cast-iron Primary Submersible Sump Pump CDU850 and a plumb float switch for programmed action, high-flow, corrosion-resilient, battery back-up sump pump ESP25 with a battery box, charger, two durable check valves and a steady reed float switch. The two pumps have been designed to use one main discharge pipe with each of the pumps operating differently and serving a different purpose.
  • The Primary Submersible Sump Pump is the main pump that is meant to be used frequently and depends on electric current to run. The battery backup sump pump serves as the secondary pump. It only runs when the primary sump pump fails to run because of power outage. It depends on cycle marine batteries to operate.
  • The Wayne WSS30V ½ HP Sump Pump System is fitted with the advanced Switch Genius switch that is controlled by a microprocessor to sense/detect water, start the pump and regulate the run time.
  • It is also fortified with an Alarm system and status indicator lights to help you know when the back-up system is turned on and is active.
  • To ensure an effective operation, the primary pump runs on 120 volt and the back-up pump on 12 volt.
  • The primary pump pumps up to 4200 gph at 0’ while the back-up pump goes up to 3300 gph at 0’.
  • Wayne WSS30V ½ HP Sump Pump System is also easy to install.